Content Marketing Statistics You Need To Know for 2023

Semrush’s State of Content Marketing 2023 Global Report dives into some crazy insightful data all focused on content marketing. Compiled from thousands of respondants to various surveys, Semrush presents some surprises for 2023. Here are several key findings from the report and what they could potentially mean for content marketers—both soloprenuers and agency teams. Content…More

Should You Have a Content Calendar? [Free Templates]

Researching, testing, and improving are parts of the game in digital marketing. Juggling multiple projects, collaborating with multiple teams, and managing multiple deadlines for it all demands a structured schedule. While I’m not the best at structuring my content plans for my personal platforms (sorrrrry, I’ll get better here), I’m meticulous about how I organize…More

How To Develop Your Content Marketing Skills

Digital marketing and content marketing go hand-in-hand for me. If you’re breaking into the broader field of digital, it’s just as important to develop your content marketing skills, as well. Here are several approaches to take now to develop your content marketing skillset. 1. Study and Apply ✍️ One of the best ways to develop…More

Digital Marketing vs. Content Marketing (And How They’re Related)

Digital marketing spans every online and digital space, and it covers many forms. From interactive graphics to short video ads on YouTube, it permeates every aspect of the online customer journey. But where does content marketing fit into it all? While there are differences between the two, content marketing is a valuable part of a…More

8 Digital Marketing Blogs You Need to Read

Since moving into digital marketing, I’ve gathered a lot of helpful resources and tools that have supported my skill development in the field. From online courses to printable workbooks, you name it, I’ve probably read it. When it comes to blogs, though, there are a few that I swear by for staying up-to-date on trending…More

My Top 10 Tips for Staying Motivated as a Digital Marketer

No matter how much I love my work, there are still moments when I’m highly unmotivated to keep moving. Sometimes it’s just a short-lived feeling, and other times my to-do lists feel insurmountable. But it’s all in the mindset. If you’re anything like me, then you can understand the feeling of losing motivation. As much…More

Why I Started a Digital Marketing Blog

Starting a digital marketing blog wasn’t on my radar when I created this site. But as I gain more experience and develop new skills, having an online space to ramble, explore, and apply what I’m doing just seems right. Even though I initially made this site only to display my past work, it’s ended up…More

7 Resources for Developing Your Digital Marketing Skills

Digital marketing is like any other career field—it takes continuous learning and experimentation. And just like other industries, it’s important to dedicate time to your professional development. Whether it’s a degree, certification, or in-depth online course, having the tools and resources to improve is essential to advancing in this career. As I made my own…More

How To Use Social Media to Find a Job in Digital Marketing

With “quiet quitting” on the rise and more people transitioning to careers that support better work-life balance, finding the right job in the digital marketing field can be tough. But it’s not impossible. There are tons of online tools to support your search, including social media. So how can you use social media to find…More

5 Creative Skills You WILL Use in Digital Marketing

At its core, digital marketing combines the logical and the creative. The field initially drew me in because of those aspects. Taking the analytical and turning it into art, in a way. But if you think digital marketing is all about the KPIs and the conversions and the data…think again. Creativity is priceless in this…More