How To Develop Your Content Marketing Skills

Digital marketing and content marketing go hand-in-hand for me. If you’re breaking into the broader field of digital, it’s just as important to develop your content marketing skills, as well.

Here are several approaches to take now to develop your content marketing skillset.

1. Study and Apply ✍️

One of the best ways to develop a content marketing skillset is studying it. Read books, dig into methodologies, and consume resources in your specific business niche. Then, apply what you learn by incorporating best practices, specific frameworks, and approaches you study.

2. Find Ideas 💡

Inspiration is everywhere. The library, online reports, trending news releases. Look for ideas in your search to develop in content marketing and build on these in your personal spaces. Use social media to dig into what people in your field are talking about. Combine your perspectives with others’ to flesh out more ideas for your content.

3. Experiment 🧪

Experiment, test, and practice what you learn along the way—continuously. Write content, explore graphic design, create short videos. The more you expand through trial and error, the more experience you gain, and the more you develop both your content marketing and digital marketing skills.

4. Recalibrate ↩️

Make improvements and adjust when you fail. Use mistakes as lessons and study what went wrong, what went right, and what you need to do differently next time. Running content campaigns isn’t rocket science, but it takes the understanding that you will have to adjust and improve when you fall short of a goal or objective.

5. Network 👥️

Collaboration is key to learning and growing in both digital and content marketing. Grow your professional network and raise questions, probe long-held mantras, and find sources of knowledge that can help you advance your skills. Ask for feedback and raise your voice when you have something to add to the conversation. These networking loops will be incredibly valuable for continuous development.

Continuous testing and improvement are key as you grow in your field. But these quick tips are excellent places to start for getting motivated to keep learning and developing your content marketing skills.