Why I Started a Digital Marketing Blog

Starting a digital marketing blog wasn’t on my radar when I created this site. But as I gain more experience and develop new skills, having an online space to ramble, explore, and apply what I’m doing just seems right. Even though I initially made this site only to display my past work, it’s ended up as this full-fledged idea that I find myself motivated to grow. I have other reasons for starting this blog, too, so I’ve made this list to somewhat quantify them here:

💼 Showcase My Portfolio

As I mentioned, organizing and showcasing a portfolio were my initial reasons for creating this site. Then it morphed into a whole new bag of gems. But I’m a writer, first and foremost, so what better way to share a writing portfolio than by attaching a blog to it? Though, blog writing ain’t all there is.

Digital content spans a lot, and blog articles make up a single aspect of it. I also coordinate case studies, plan and manage SEO strategies, and schedule content publishing across websites, social media, and streaming platforms. Writing’s just one part of digital marketing, but it’s an essential one. So as this blog grows, it’ll add to my portfolio—with writing and other forms of digital content as I complete more long-term projects.

❤️ Share My Passion

Another big motivator for starting this blog is sharing my passion. I’ve always been passionate about writing and communicating with a purpose, and here, I can share that passion with others. Aside from supporting sales goals and contributing to the bottom line, I use digital content to make connections.

While I am passionate about the results content can lead to, promoting products and services and driving profits aren’t all it should do. And one of the reasons for this blog is to share my passion for making connections and building community through quality content.

💡 Offer Career Advice

I never thought I’d end up wanting to touch career advice, but here I am. I spent a brief moment in time as a resume reviewer, where I assessed professionals’ resumes and provided short, 10-minute video tutorials on how to improve these sacred documents. But the job search goes much deeper than writing the perfect resume—there are A LOT of factors to consider when it comes to work.

So I find myself wanting to provide insights into what to look for in a job, where to find the right ones, what resources to use, and yes, how to format resumes and cover letters and prep for interviews. I understand the work it takes to find a career path that enhances life, not takes away from it. I hope that by sharing from experience, I can help others stay motivated to chase what they’re passionate about and earn a living doing it.

📚 Provide Tips and Resources

Along with career advice, I also wanted to highlight tips, tools, and resources for marketers just starting out in their careers. And this blog is the perfect space to do so. As I’ve advanced in my career, I’ve collected tons of great stuff—development training, skill building tools, learning resources—and it’s only right that I share it with others.

I love to research new learning avenues and report my findings (okay…my opinions) as I go. My belief? We can learn something new every day, and by providing the tools and tips that help me, I hope to share my insights with others who’ll benefit.

📝 Document My Growth

The neat thing about a blog is that it can serve as a journal. Well, that’s really what a blog was, back in the early days of online writing (I’m probably dating myself, here). So bringing it back to the old school way of doing things, I plan to use my digital marketing blog as a way to document my expertise.

As I develop and advance, I want a space to record my growth. By starting a digital marketing blog, I can go back to just writing for writing’s sake. Even if it’s writing about my career growth, it’s writing and will serve as a means to review and improve my communication skills.

🎨 Experiment with Creativity

Marketing writing is an experiment in creativity. I’m constantly observing, testing, adjusting, and testing again. So much creativity goes into digital content, and I really wanted a personal space to kind of experiment with different ideas I get here and there. Not that I’ll be shooting videos any time soon, but that is on my list of ideas to play around with.

Starting a digital marketing blog was the answer to exercising creativity. Here, I can test different forms of content, talk about my failures, and share successful outcomes. Granted, blogging is the writing aspect, but there’s a long list of creative avenues I want to take as I develop in my role. And this is the perfect space to do that.