How I Became a Digital Marketing Manager

Hi! I’m Lauren. (:

And I haven’t always been a digital marketing manager.

I started my career in education, first as an academic tutor and entrepreneur, then as a private school teacher. I spent 10 years working with students in K-12, first in elementary education then secondary, finally leaving the field in 2019.

I wasn’t moved by the political atmosphere of education. I wasn’t thriving. In fact, I was barely surviving. I knew I’d chosen the wrong career path, even if for all the right reasons. So for the sake of my sanity, I quit. Between that summer and fall, I attempted to really bring my business idea to life. I did land several tutoring clients and some writing projects. It wasn’t lucrative by any means, but it was enough.

Then I found CopyPress, and the rest is history.

I started in October of 2019 as a copywriter, and since then, it’s been one adventure–one amazing opportunity after the other. From content writer to team manager to sales copywriter and digital marketing manager, it’s been one hell of a ride.

Today, I work with some pretty amazing people and do things I never thought I’d do. I work with a company that values my talents. And I do work that I love.

We contract with crazy awesome clients all over the world, and I get to do the thing that has been my one obsession in life: learn.

My experience as an educator gave me leadership, communication, adaptability, ingenuity, and a love of learning and applying new skills. My experience with CopyPress has only helped me build on these gifts. These days, I use my skills to:

  • Build SEO, content, and social media strategies
  • Collect, track, and measure analytics
  • Plan KPIs in alignment with our sales goals
  • Develop content calendars and publishing schedules
  • Manage, track, and publish content
  • Plan, develop, and distribute content offers
  • Create marketing copy across online company platforms
  • Hire, coach, and manage copywriters
  • Analyze data for testing and optimizing conversions

Of course, the only thing that never changes is change itself. I know 1000% that I’ll continue to learn and grow in this role and add to my ever-expanding skill set. I will continue to succeed. Because even though there have been times of stress and sacrifice, they have all led to the many more moments of joy and achievement.

In the words of Tina Turner, “believe that if you just stand up and go, life will open up for you. Something just motivates you to keep moving.”

So keep moving, keep learning, and enjoy every moment that you can.